Hire Big Ten Plus Consortium

The History of the Hire Big Ten Plus Consortium

The obvious need for pan-university collaboration has been apparent for several years. With the educational needs of our generation continuing to grow, it is obvious that establishing cohesive bonds between similar universities can only benefit each institution as a whole, both educationally and financially. This necessary bond, perhaps more apparent today, is the sole mission of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC). Established in Chicago in the winter of 1956 by the presidents of each Big Ten University, this group, originally called “Council of 10”, agreed to form a committee whose sole purpose was to create a successful means of cooperation across state and institutional boundaries Today, the CIC is lead by the Provosts of each member institution.

In the attempt to expand the CIC to not only focus on athletics, the university administrators believed that forming an educational subset of the CIC would aid in expanding and leveraging the resources of each university. Thus the Hire Big 10 Plus Consortium was born. The Hire Big Ten Plus Consortium, a collaborative group of career services representatives from the eleven Big Ten Schools, the University of Chicago, DePaul University and the University of Notre Dame, was created to share best practices and work with students and employers from across the country to provide exemplary programming and support to students as well as staff.

Steve Schroeder, former President of the Hire Big Ten Plus Consortium believes information sharing is a pivotal part of creating a successful institution. “We, as Big Ten schools, are similar in that we are all are Midwestern research institutions with similar missions and similar student bodies. Instead of competing with each other, as we do with athletics, why not collaborate, share ideas and see what we, as career services professionals, can be doing to create more opportunities for students”.